Feeling Words for Dialogue

By exchanging feelings through dialogue we are giving our personhood to our spouse so that we can experience moments of unity when we both experience the same feeling to the same degree.

The following is a list of some feeling words to help in writing your love letters. This list is by no means complete. However it should provide you with some feeling words if you get stuck. If you think of any that are not listed here, please let us know so that they might be included in the list. You can send your feeling words to us via our contact form by clicking the link in the right sidebar.

  • delighted transported light-hearted vivacious
    joyful enthusiastic buoyant brisk
    festive inspired debonair sparkling
    contented glad bright merry
    complacent beatific free & easy mirthful
    satisfied pleased airy hilarious
    serene blissful exuberant exhilarated
    comfortable cheerful saucy jovial
    peaceful genial jaunty jolly
    tranquil cheery lively playful
    ecstatic sunny spirited gleeful
    raptuous high-spirited animated frisky
    elated exultant jubilant jolly
  • crestfallen depressed somber oppressed
    despondent disconsolate sulky downhearted
    disheartened melancholy joyless flat
    discouraged out of sorts spiritless dull
    low heavy-hearted dismal gloomy
    low spirited discontented dark cheerless
    ill at ease glum clouded woeful
    sorrowful moody frowning woebegone
    downcast moping mournful dreary
    dejected sullen dreadful in the dumps
  • resentful irritated enraged furious
    annoyed sullen sulky in a stew
    inflamed wrought up bitter up in arms
    provoked worked up virulent in a huff
    incensed indignant acrimonious turning
    infuriated irate boiling wrathful
  • injured suffering victimized tortured
    offended afflicted heartbroken piteous
    grieved worried hapless woeful
    distressed aching in despair rueful
    in pain crushed agonized mournful
    sad pathetic tragic  
  • fearful tremulous hysterical upset
    frightened shaky yellow misgiving
    in fear apprehensive alarmed doubtful
    timid fidgety shocked suspicious
    chicken restful horrified hesitant
    nervous aghast insecure irresolute
    diffident terrified anxious awed
    fainthearted panicked worried cismayed
    scared quaking threatened sppalled
    trembling cowardly menaced petrified
  • concerned engrossed excited inquiring
    affected intrigued curious nosy
    fascinated absorbed inquisitive snoopy
  • encouraged brave spirited determined
    courageous daring resolute audacious
    secure gallant stour hearted dauntless
    reassured feroic enterprising certain
    bold self-reliant hardy  
  • unbelieving suspicious questioning perplexed
    skeptical dubious wavering indecisive
    distrustful uncertain hesitant  
  • keen ardent enthusiastic desirous
    earnest zealous avid hot-headed
    intent anxious    




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