Pulpit Talks/Mass Talks

Another statistical big hitter, is "Pulpit Talks'. This is where an Encountered couple speaks from the pulpit at Church about how the Weekend changed their lives, and gives a few details about the Weekend.

The talk is given either at homily time, or immediately after Mass, just before the closing prayer. The talk is 10 minutes or less, and we have an outline to follow that is almost 'fill in the blanks'.

If you would like to give a Mass Talk, please contact our Inviting couple . They'd be glad to help in any way they can. Our Weekend Presenting Team couples are committed to making sure someone is available every weekend of the year to present a Mass Talk if the opportunity arises. If you would like to help them out, please let us know by completing our post-Weekend "Share Your Love" survey. Even if you don't want to give the talk, we can always use help passing out brochures.



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