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This site is maintained by the Catholic expression of Worldwide Marriage Encounter. However, couples of all faiths, or of no faith, are welcome to attend our Weekends or one of the Weekends given by the faith of their choice.

The Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend is essentially the same no matter the faith expression. One difference is that Catholic expressions include a priest on the presenting team, while non-Catholic expressions include a pastor and spouse on the team.

There is also one presentation on God and marriage which may differ slightly depending on the faith expression. Religious services during the Weekend will differ as well, but all couples on the Weekend are warmly invited to worship together.

These are links to some non-Catholic expressions of Worldwide Marriage Encounter. Not all have Weekends planned in our state. Please contact us if you know of other links we can list.

Episcopal Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Lutheran Worldwide Marriage Encounter

United Methodist Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Presbyterian Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Mennonite & Brethren Marriage Encounter

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