Supporting the Weekend

We are all family and we believe in the lifestyle and mission of Worldwide Marriage Encounter. From time to time we need assistance in fulfilling that mission. To that end, we want to get some information for what assistance you are willing or considering to offer. Everything we do is on a volunteer basis and by filling out our volunteer form you are NOT committing yourself to anything except being open to your ME family.

In Worldwide Marriage Encounter, our vision is to change the world one couple at a time. We do this by using the gifts of time and talents we have in promoting growth and intimacy among married couples. We need your help to continue the DREAM. Be a part of this life-giving chain by sharing your couple power for our movement.

Please "check" all areas listed below in which you would like to participate. When there are needs in those areas, we will merely call and ask if you can help out in some manner. Even a little help will go a long way to changing the world.

When you are done click "Submit" at the bottom of the form, and your information will be sent to our Post-Weekend Coordinators.

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